is no longer represented by, because
Empire allowed consignors to bid on their own pieces!
If you tried to buy ivory, KPM, jewelry, sporting goods,
firearms or sterling, you were bidding against the item's
consignor one seat away: if you lost, you just didn't bid
 enough for him to allow you to buy. This is why Caboodle
refuses to associate with dishonest auctions or owners
(although they're still kidnapping my website rather
build an original site of their own)

Unauthorized use of this website, its original 2001 content,
and design, cascading web pages, fonts, page styles and
intellectual properties will be prosecuted to the fullest
 extent of the law. All original copies of this website from
2001 through present and including the temporary permission
of the webmaster to Empire Auctions for use only through
April 29, 2012 are copyright protected. Microsoft, the site
registrar, Earthlink and local financial crimes unit have been
notified concerning any unauthorized use of this site or its
intellectual properties. Stay tuned to this site for more examples
of auction dishonesty, ghost bidding and favoritism and criminal
activities in Scottsdale should this site or any copy be used.








Empire allows consignors to bid on their own consignments



Robert Huillier

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