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We have terminated all relations to Gaige and Co. Auction LLC. and Robert & Robin Huillier
for personal, ethical and professional reasons.
 We have no business connections to Gaige and Co. LLC., Gaige Antique Auctions LLC.
 or Robert Huillier, Robin Huillier, Rhonda Huillier, Tom Huillier or Jennifer Rhinehart.
 Please do not write to inquire about the status of any previous Gaige auction: we too are still awaiting a $4000 payment!
Attempts to reclaim unsold merchandise or to collect past payments should be directed to Robert or Robin Huillier
or at Rhonda Huillier's residence at 4165 E. Hallihan Dr., Cave Creek, AZ.

Please check back often for updates!!
This is the crew that has used the Scottsdale Police as an excuse for non-payment
of investors and consignors. This webmaster knows for 100% certainty that two of
the investors Robert Huillier owes large sums of money to (Mary Beth Williams and
 Mark Drinkwater) have not been paid for many months, beginning way before the regular
auction clientele began reporting Huillier's non-payments  to the Scottsdale Police. Any
 story from Robert Huillier saying that the Scottsdale Police's seizure of computers caused the
 closing of Gaige and Co. auction is a fabrication to postpone restitution and should be treated accordingly!
 The computers were seized because the Police began to investigate the months
 of non-payment by Robert Huillier to his primary initial investors and consignors! Scottsdale
police now have over 70 complaints against Robert Huillier and the matter is now in the hands
of the Maricopa County Attorney, while Huillier and crew "worked" for Becker auctions until attendance
fell off as auction attendees became aware of the depth of the Huillier's dishonesty !
Becker auctions has made no attempt to repay Huillier's victims even though Becker auctions
 employed Robert Huillier, Robin Huillier and Rhonda Huillier, all of whom are responsible for stealing millions of dollars
from consignors with the knowledge of John Becker! This Ponzi scheme will continue to line the Huillier's pockets if new
 victims continue to allow Robert Huillier into their homes to appraise, liquidate or auction their belongings!

Robert Huillier: liar, thief, all-around piece of shit and BUSTED!

Robin Huillier: liar, thief, lives off other people's money, and an all-around hag!

Rhonda Huillier: as crooked as Robert Huillier and a partner in crime!

 Christine Kinkead knew about Robert Huillier's dishonesty
but continued to work for him just for a paycheck!


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