An ignored promissory note and personal guarantee from Robert and Robin Huillier
to Mary Beth Williams dated August, 2007, still unpaid, and Ms. Williams has been
told by Robert Huillier to never F*#KING call him again, even though he owes her all monies
mentioned in the above document. Mr. John Becker has also told Ms. Williams he
has no knowledge of this debt, even though Robert Huillier has named Mr. Becker
as his civil attorney and Robert Huillier and crew "work" for Becker Auctions!

An ignored and unpaid demand letter sent by Ms. Williams attorney to
the manager of Gaige and Co. LLC and Robert and Robin Huillier listing the
 number of bad checks issued by the Huillier crew to Ms. Williams, dated
October, 2007! To all unpaid victims, please note that unpaid checks are worth
 double their face value pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes 12-671!
Because of the
lack of timely payment by Robert Huillier, Robin Huillier and Jennifer Rhinehart,
Ms. Williams is now legally owed $948,910.00 and the total is climbing daily!
How does Robert Huillier intend to pay down such a large debt to just this one
person with his personal guarantee when he owes so many others? How is it
that Robin Huillier can admit "they've done terrible things with other people's money"
but she still shopped at the Louis Vuitton shop in France in Aug. 2006, as Robert Huillier
 stopped payment on a $45,000.00 check to Ms. Williams the exact same week in Aug. 2006?
The Huillier family states that they need to hold auctions to repay everyone, but John Becker
 mentions nothing about any of the old consignors receiving checks from any new or future auction.
Since Robert Huillier and his LLC owe millions upon millions of dollars, any story about the construction of a
repayment schedule for the old victims is purely fictional. Anyone attempting to contact Huillier for
outstanding monies should try contacting Robin Huillier, Rhonda Huillier or Jennifer Rhinehart
(the manager of Gaige & Co. LLC). Huillier's long time female auctioneer and several people that have
merely referred clients to his sham auctions are now themselves facing lawsuits because Huiller
 has never paid out profits from many old Gaige and Co. auctions!

UPDATE! Robert Huillier and Robin Huillier are now using the court systems to issue
 injunctions against harassment to those victims that have called them in attempts
 to make repayment arrangements! The Huillier crew remain in Phoenix as the
eight cases against Robert go to pre-trial conference!


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