Robert Huillier in his natural habitat!
Good-bye, you crook!

Robert Huillier was convicted of two felonies in California in the 1980ís relating to odometer roll-back and to obtaining vehicles valued at approximately $800,000 from Bay Cities Auto Auction without paying for them. After serving 2 years time and attempting to reestablish himself in Fresno, California, Robert Huillier moved to Oregon and started Huillier Auto Wholesale. When the bond issued to Huillier Auto Wholesale was cancelled by the insurer because of Huillier's criminal activities, Pacific Title was formed by Rhonda Huillier and Robert Huillier went to work for her.

Robert Huillier then obtained another $300,000 worth of consigned vehicles from Brasher's Cascade Auto auction on a "float" through Pacific Title without ever paying for them! When Brasher's caught up to Rhonda Huillier in 2004, she went bankrupt to avoid repayment, as Robin Huillier had also done in the early 1990's to avoid a $400,000 auto sales debt from her car business "Robin's Auto".

Robert Huillier and crew opened Northwest Auctions and then went out of business again, owing hundreds of consignors and investors in both California and Oregon additional hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Robert Huillier then moved his Ponzi circus to Scottsdale using the name of his "grandson" Gaige, dba "Gaige and Co", and repeated the same scam that has worked for him since the 1980's. These are called "previous similar acts" by Law Enforcement. With approximately 70 victims in Arizona, the Huillier crew now has millions of other people's money but claim no assets! After milking all the money he could through Gaige and Co. Auctions, Robert Huillier then went to "work" for John Becker at Becker Auctions, "finding" newer and less informed consignors and selling off some of the unreturned consignments from Gaige and Co! Not suprisingly, many pieces shown by Becker Auction looked very familiar from previous Gaige auctions. When Becker went under, Robert Huillier conned his way into AI Auctions where he attempted to run the same tired scam to a whole new and unsuspecting audience!

The excuse was always the same: "We just got too big big too fast. We really want to stay in business because all our clients are just like family! We sent out letters explaining our problems, and everyone wants to work with us to remedy this. We're even selling our own possessions to make things right. We can hardly afford to feed ourselves". This crap is the exact same story offered to the hundreds of victims from the Huillier's last circus act in Portland, Oregon at "Northwest Auctions". Those victims tried to go after them through civil courts, only to be left with no criminal recourse after Robert, Rhonda  and Robin Huillier moved the scam to Scottsdale, then to Phoenix through Becker Auctions and finally through AI Auctions.

On January 6, 2009, justice caught up with Robert Huillier as the Scottsdale Police served the warrant from a Grand Jury indictment to him as he waited on a parking lot for an estate he thought he was going to appraise! Little did he know he was set up by the very people he had ripped off a year earlier. Robbie Kelldorf, Noel Winters and Don Demarest lured Huillier to a Scottsdale apartment complex with the promise of acquiring a juicy estate to facilitate Det. Frank Nagy's arrest of Huillier. Tonite, Huillier is back behind bars where he belongs: any and all victims should monitor future bond reduction petition hearings to make sure his bail is not reduced by a liberal judge. To date, his bond is set at $100,000: let's keep it that way! Huillier still has stolen property stashed away: according to his own words, he has 500 paintings and product stashed in warehouses all over town. To quote: "I'm untouchable...the cops have nothing on me"...Hey Robert, are you sure?


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